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Brazos Bend State Park

Attention parent or legal guardian per Texas Parks and Wildlife code ยง59.134. Rules of Conduct in Parks sub section (U) Minors, camping. It is an offense to remain in a state park between the park closing hour and opening hour, if the person is under the age of 17, except the following: (1) a person who is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian; (2) a person who furnishes to the park headquarters the written consent of and the full name, residence, and telephone number of parent or legal guardian; (3) a person who is part of a group which is supervised during those hours by at least one responsible adult for each 15 persons under the age of 17; and (4) married couples.

Please print a copy of the authorization form and have your son/ daughter present at check in. Your son/ daughter will not be able to camp unless he or she has this form completed by the parent or legal guardian.

Thank you,

Park Management

Texas Parks and Wildlife              Under legal age authorization form: Under legal age authorization form.gif

Updated: Oct 16, 2019