Brazos Bend State Park
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Fishing at Brazos Bend State Park


Fishing opportunities are numerous at Brazos Bend State Park.  The park has four lakes that are popular with fishermen - 40 Acre Lake, Elm Lake, Hale Lake and New Horseshoe Lake.  40 Acre Lake and Hale Lake both have handicapped assessable fishing piers and Elm Lake has seven small piers along its south side.   Bank and pier fishing only, no wading or boats allowed.  The lakes are periodically stocked with Bass, Sunfish and Catfish.  No fishing license is required in the state park but regular size and bag limits do apply.


  • Do not harass or disturb alligators.
  • Do not feed or offer food to alligators, this includes bait and fish.
  • Do not keep fish on a stringer in the water.  Bring a bucket or ice chest.
  • If an alligator approaches you or acts aggressive notify park staff.
  • When you catch a fish, reel it in quickly, otherwise an alligator might beat you to it.


It is an offense punishable by up to a $500 fine to harass, disturb, trap, catch, confine, posses, feed or offer food to an alligator.

Updated: Apr 12, 2024